Yoon, Julia Young

Director & Therapist
(Korean & English)


  • The Catholic University of Korea, MA in Counseling Psychology

  • Michigan State University, MA and DMA (Doctoral in Musical Arts)


  • Korean Counseling Psychological Association: Counseling Psychologist

  • National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCFED): Diploma in Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorder

  • Imago Relationship International: Certification of Imago Couple Therapy

  • Orff Music Certification Level 1 & 2


  • Chadwick International School, School Counselor

  • Samsung Ji-eum Counseling Center, Head Counselor

  • Na-eun Ma-eum Counseling Center, Counselor

  • Incheon HugMom, Counselor

  • Incheon Healthy Family Support Center, Family Therapist

Area of Specialization

  • Adolescent Counseling, Couples Therapy, Eating Disorders, Depression and Anxiety, Self-Harm and Anger Management Issues, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders


  • The Role of Cognitive Flexibility in the Relationship between Perceived Parental Intrusiveness and Dysfunctional Anger Expression


  • Help Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder (Authors: James Lock, MD, PhD / Daniel Le Grange, PhD)